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Pretty darn cool man 

Awesome game, loved the storyline and the graphics. Atmosphere was spooky, both in the horror and in trying to stock the shelves with pressure from constant customers. At least business is doing good, until, well... Enjoyed the experience, especially the music and the ending graphics. Thanks for creating :)

Great game I liked the atmosphere and the music was firee.

This was great! I really enjoyed playing :) 

This was pretty solid, definitely creeped me out when at the store. Made a video on it.

Cool game here's a speedrun



PLAY THIS GAME I really enjoyed this game. I look forward to seeing more from under ground studios/Henry. Go watch my video =]

thank you, glad you liked it. congratulations for the video!


I mean this in the nicest way, next time can you Morse code audio at the end, it's can be auto translated and has fewer mistakes from typing a dot more then once, and the code could be diegetic like from a car radio.







great atmosphere, simplistic but effective controls, great pacing all ties together with a great climax. Honestly really good, thanks for making this! 

Love analog horror games.

Fun little game with good atmosphere, great job :)


This is a very lovely looking game with solid scares! 10/10

This was enjoyable! The atmosphere was great, it kept me on edge and didn't overstay it's welcome. Great job, and I'll be keeping an eye out for your future work!
My only question is: how's the title supposed to relate to the game? I can't seem to link Hell on earth to the game, nor can I link some sort of plague to it?
But if that's the only issue I have, you're doing something right. Great work and keep it up!

hahaha, this will be explained in the next games.

Fun game!

I think i just died and that was it right or was there more?? 
Gave your game a shoutout on my Twitter which is @BADW0LF66 the O is a Zero.


yes you die in the end

Thiis was great. Check out my video if you geta chance. 

congrats for the video!! Glad you liked!

You made so many great choices on this game. It was easy to play, the walk to work going totally dark briefly, the psx graphics combined with vhs screen static, 80s music with the night shift gave it a slasher flick feel, and everything worked properly. even the customer interaction added to the off putting experience. Fantastic!

Wow thanks, glad you liked it!

the atmosphere and retro feel are amazing


Good game, easy to learn controls and good story.


Thanks!! Glad you liked!

Gave me some ideas for my second horror game.


Damn, good luck making your game


On Earth As In Hell: Woytons Plague (Horror, 80s Slacher, Survival)

Game is so amazing!!! Keep up the good work!!!

congrats for the video!! Glad you liked!

I really enjoyed the game. Super creepy atmosphere. The music was spot on, and I love the ps1 style graphics.

so i really really enjoyed this, im a fan of ps1 style horrors there is something about them and really liked the build up but the radio was super loud more than it needed to be, and i would of liked more story/lore, as clarly something went down at the store would of been cool to know what, and i think it would of been a nice touch to have multiple endings, all in all though really enjoyed this, its the second game in my video and starts about  3:30, hope you enjoy the video!

thank you for the tips! I will try to take these points into account in my next projects.

cool small little game! i enjoyed!

The name of the game was kind of weird but I did overall enjoy the experience!

muy creativo 

fuuu q buen juego especial el fianl 

Awesome game!!

I loved the PSX style-- the whole game fills you with a sense of dread. Good work on creating such a creepy little horror treat.

Short and sweet, keep it up c:

nice jobs

This game is amazing, i love retro graphics and the atmosphere is very nice.
Good Work =)

Thanks! Glad you liked it!

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loved the game so much! Keep doing stuff like this, looking forward to your next games!

ps. Are you from Finland because the Market text looks really similar to the K-Market logo?


haha sorry i aint from finland. But thanks for the support!

Oh ok!

Atmosphere was nice and had a nice pacing a well.. Keep it up.

Here's my channel for other games I have played.

Congrats on the video! Glad you liked it!

Awesome Game!!! and the smiling man vibes..

Congrats on the video! Glad you liked it!

Really cool game!

i enjoyed then short horror game keep up the good work 

Thank you very much, glad you liked it!!

love it

Congrats on the video! Thanks for the tips, some bugs have already been fixed. Glad you liked!!!

nice game bro!


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